Literary Elements

This introductory unit explains literary elements, or parts of stories, including setting, character, plot, conflict, narrator, theme, mood, and tone to help readers build the foundation for analyzing literature. Parts of this unit include:

Activity Link Description
#1 Video This video explains literary elements of character, setting, plot, conflict, narrator, tone, mood, and theme, and gives examples of each from the popular move “Finding Nemo.” Viewers practice identifying literary elements from well-known works of literature. Finally, the answers are checked.
#2 Video Notes As you watch the video, use the Video Notes to record notes and answers to the practice questions.
#3 Flash Cards Use these digital flashcards to practice definitions of each literary element.
#4 Practice Worksheet Plus Worksheet 2. Use these worksheets to provide practice identifying basic literary elements. For more in-depth practice, use a Graphic Organizer with these stories by K12Readers, or these well-known short stories posted by EReading Worksheets.
#5 Quiz Plus Quiz 2. Use one of these excellent online quizzes published by Warren County Schools and Quia to check progress and comprehension of literary elements and identify areas that need further review.