This unit explains simple and complete predicates, what they do, and how to identify each type. Parts of this unit include:

Activity Link Description
#1 Video This video explains what a predicate is and its function, as well as how to identify the simple and complete predicate in a sentence. Then, learners practice identifying simple and complete predicates in sentences. Finally, the answers are checked.
#2 Video Notes As you watch the video, use the Video Notes to record notes and answers to the practice questions.
#3 Flash Cards Plus Flash Cards 2. Use these digital flashcards to practice simple and complete predicates.
#4 Practice Worksheet Plus Worksheet (Set) 2. These worksheets by and provide excellent practice identifying simple and complete predicates.
#5 Quiz Plus Quiz 2. Give one or both quizzes to check progress and comprehension of predicates and identify areas that need further review.