Topic Sentence

This lesson explains what a topic sentence is, gives examples of topic sentences, and gives practice identifying well-written topic sentences.

Activity Link Description
#1 Video This video explains what a topic sentence is and what it does in a paragraph.
#2 Video Notes As you watch the video, use the Video Notes to record notes and answers to the practice questions.
#3 Digital Practice Plus, Digital Practice 2. Use these digital questions to practice topic sentences in paragraphs.
#4 Practice Worksheets Plus Worksheet 2, Worksheet 3, and Worksheet 4 for identifying topic sentences. For writing them, use  Worksheet 5 and Worksheet 6, and Worksheet 7. These fantastic worksheets from Oxford University Press, Teachnology, Floyd Middle School, Alice Oshima and Ann Hogue, and provide excellent practice identifying and topic sentences of paragraphs.
#5 Quiz Plus Quiz 2. Give these quizzes from Dearborn Schools and to check the learners’ comprehension of topic sentences and identify areas that need further explanation and practice.