Essay Writing – NEW!!

These lessons explain how to write an essay. Each part includes a video, plus a pdf to take notes:

Part Description
How to Write an Essay for Beginners – Outline to Draft This lesson is for beginners or writers who want to review the five-paragraph essay structure. It shows how to outline an essay and transfer the outline into an essay draft. Note: This is the only video in the series that explains how to outline an essay.
Introduction Paragraph This is a detailed lesson on how to write an essay introduction paragraph. It gives several examples of different types of hooks, background details, and thesis statements.
Body Paragraphs This video explains how to write essay body paragraphs that support the thesis statement. This version gives a detailed explanation of each part of an essay body paragraph (topic sentence, detail sentences, and conclusion sentence).
Conclusion Paragraph This lesson shows several examples of conclusion sentences and tells what a conclusion sentence is, why it’s important, and its function in wrapping up a paragraph.
Transitions This video explains what essay transitions are and gives several examples, along with one essay and two sets of transitions that could be used effectively in the essay.