First, Second, and Third

This lesson explains the three main points of view—first, second, and third—and explains clues to help identify each one. (This lesson does not delve into the different types of third person point of view. For that information, see Point of View Part 2.):

Activity Link Description
#1 Video This video explains what point of view is, pronouns that provide clues that help identify point of view, and other details .
#2 Video Notes As you watch the video, use the Video Notes to record notes and answers to the practice questions.
#3 Digital Practice Use these digital questions to practice point of view basics.
#4 Practice Worksheets (Set) Plus Worksheet 2, and Worksheet 3. For more complex language, use Worksheet 4 and Worksheet 5. These worksheets provide excellent practice identifying and practicing point of view.
#5 Quiz Plus Quiz 2 and Quiz 3 in more complex language. Use these worksheets as assessments to check the learners’ comprehension of first, second, and third person point of view and identify areas that need further explanation and practice.