What is a Paragraph

This lesson explains what a paragraph is and gives the main function of each part of a paragraph–topic sentence, detail sentence, and conclusion sentence, along with an example of each one:

Activity Link Description
#1 Video This video explains what a paragraph is and introduces the parts of a paragraph. (The Powerpoint used in the video is available for purchase here. Teachers may use it as is or edit it as needed for their learners.)
#2 Video Notes As you watch the video, use the Video Notes to record notes and answers to the practice questions.
#3 Digital Practice Use these digital questions to practice paragraph basics.
#4 Practice Worksheets Plus Worksheet 2, and for more challenging vocabulary Worksheet (set) 3. These fantastic worksheets from Mrs. Copeland Samarica and Pearson provide excellent practice identifying and practicing parts of paragraphs.
#5 Quiz Give this quiz from Skillswise to check the learners’ comprehension of subjects and identify areas that need further explanation and practice.